We all tend to live inside a glass bubble which we wrap up from within with blankets and pillows and get so comfortable which makes us forget the fact that it’s made of glass and can break any time,” he says, glancing back at me. “But it’s okay. Unless the bubble breaks, we don’t get to feel the ground beneath us and look around without a glass barrier.”

When Ellie moves in with her father after her mother’s death, her long-gone nightmares begin.
Eiliyah aka Ellie turns out to be a kind and feisty twenty-one-year-old despite having a tragic childhood- a childhood that no child deserves. A childhood that was shattered by agony, heartbreak, and a big betrayal from her best friend.
While her tragic past keeps haunting her and she is in grief from her mother’s demise, she meets her neighbor- Raiyan: a charming, full of life, soon to be a college graduate. Ellie opens up to Raiyan but he still keeps some secrets from Ellie. He rarely talks about himself and his life. Then, one day, Ellie finds something which changes everything.
Eiliyah is a moving tale of strong but vulnerable people, rock-solid friendship, unexpected betrayal and heartbreak which is wrapped with the warmth of a love story.



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